Moses Gathuku Ruby on Rails product developer

I am Moses Gathuku, an experienced Ruby on Rails product developer. I help businesses and individuals build and lunch fully-fledged products and MVPs. Apart from day-to-day work with different clients, I work on my side projects. Currently am building Hotwired cases a collection of Hotwire use cases in a Ruby on Rails application.


Boring authorization in rails

In this article, we look a how we can add authorization to a Rails app without the need to add a gem. The goal is to keep things simple, ship fast, and avoid dependency hell.


Rails custom validation contexts

In rails, it is possible to specify when the validation should happen. sometimes you may want to introduce new validation or skip some. Rails `on` option helps us achieve this.


Testing ActionMailer in Rails

Rails provide us with useful test helpers to ActionMailer which helps to easily iterate our design, test if our code queues the right email and our email contains the right content.


Testing External APIs with VCR in Rails

Running external APIs tests can be time-consuming, VCR is a ruby gem that allows you to record test suite's HTTP interactions and replay them during future test runs for fast, deterministic, accurate tests